January 1890

Sarah Aaronsohn is born in Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire


March 1914

Sarah marries Haim Abraham and moves to Constantinople


August 1914

Outbreak of World War I


November-December 1915

Sarah returns home to Palestine and witnesses the Armenian genocide during her journey


June 1916

Sarah's brother Aaron sets out for England to offer the services of a Jewish spy ring in Palestine to aid the British in their war with the Ottoman Empire


January 1917

With no word from Aaron, Avshalom Feinberg, a Jewish spy, attempts a crossing of the Sinai Desert to reach the British lines, but is killed by Bedouin.  Sarah is now in charge of the spy ring. 


February 1917

A British spy ship makes contact with Sarah and her spy ring, code-named Nili and, for the next eight months, Sarah and her spies supply crucial intelligence about the Ottoman forces to the British


October 1917

Sarah is captured by the Ottomans